DRMig.pngRob Fearon, the individual also known as OddBob and/or retroremakes and a noble and ancient indie developer/organizer/bearded person, has finally released his latest, explosively colourful, effortlessly psychedelic shooter: Death Ray Manta (SE). It's the new and improved Death Ray Manta of yore, only better, louder, sleeker and able to overload your senses with all the exploding neon rabbits and lasers you could ever imagine. Also, it has wisely evolved into a twin-stick shooter too.

What's more, what with Rob being Rob and everything, besides being available on launch (for Windows) via Steam and itch.io, Death Ray Manta is also part of the latest Humble Weekly Bundle. The same bundle that lets you grab game development tool GameMaker Studio for a tiny fraction of its price along with a selection of games and --crucially-- their source codes. And, obviously, the source of DRM.

So, what does Rob want you to make with the code and files of Death Ray Manta? Why, run wild of course! Remix and rejig things, play around, change words and numbers and, maybe, find out you actually enjoy dabbling with the creation of videogames. Apparently, he'd love to see your creations, so, uhm, why not tweet him something?