This being the era of the cool-adventure-game-on-Kickstarter, it obviously felt appropriate for Victorian detective Bertram Fiddle to address the crowds and ask them to help a bit with his second coming in the delicious looking Episode 2: A Bleaker Predicklement; obviously via Kickstarter. It will, rather sensibly, be a sequel to the hilarious and quite excellent episode 1, in which you will presumably get to finally uncover the true identity of horrible chap Geoff the Murdere. Wonderful graphics, impressive noses, puns, unexpectedly funny puzzles and some very silly things indeed are to be expected on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

A humble pledge of £5 (approx $7.50) will get you episode two and a thank you telegram (handily delivered via email). Pay a bit more to also get episode 1 or, well, even more for some intriguing stickers, comic books, figurines, t-shirts and/or other expensive things.