Developer Black Forest Games has been forced to rename their Early Access roguelite action game Dieselstormers to Rogue Stormers, after fashion label Diesel successful opposed the company's attempt to register the trademark on the title. Going with the new title is a large update to the game, which is now said to be near 90% complete.

The "Borriss!" update includes new shop mechanics, including inventory limitations to what the stores feature. Gadgets purchased can require a trade-off with character health, so it may allow for some interesting character build options. Also in the update is a change to the loot system. By adding in chests instead of gambling stations, the loot drops can still feel random, but the type of chest gives you a better indication of what may be inside. Chests can be free to open, require gold, or even a payment of health to access. New locked doors will compete with the chests for consumable keys, again with the direction of wanting to offer the player a variety of choices in their gameplay.

This update also introduces new secondary weapons, with a goal to offset some of the weaknesses of the main loadouts. These weapons range from mundane attacks such as cluster bombs or slashing melee attacks, to more grand and destructive ones like the rocket swarm or air strike, and things that are on the unusual side, such as a healing grenade and a defensive burst that destroys enemy projectiles. Alongside the secondary weapons are new upgrades including living and mechanical pets, as well as personal shields and jetpacks.

Rogue Stormers is a four-player co-op roguelite run and gun title, with procedurally generated levels complimenting its platforming and frenetic shooting gameplay, and includes RPG elements as well as a variety of upgrade options to keep players vested in the action. Black Forest Games is a German development studio of forty international developers with experience on all major platforms. The game is scheduled to leave Early Access in early 2016.