elseGIF.gifIn Else Heart.Break() not only can you code your own games and even play them on the in-game arcade machines, you can actually hack everything around you: lamps, doors, people, time, puzzles, everything. Even the game's interface itself to a degree.

Impressive as this may sound and actually be, hacking still is not everything there is to this utterly unique adventure. Yes, you will have to code through many puzzles and this will feel absolutely natural and satisfying, but you'll also get to explore a wonderfully pixelated, vibrant 3D world that can only be compared to Little Big Adventure's. A strange, whimsical and at times incredibly digital world that will allow you to find your place in it along with love and friendship.

Hack2.jpgIt's a world --this city of Dorisburg-- you'll explore in an almost traditional point-and-click adventure fashion. It's big and lively and very open and, as you'll experience it in real-time, can initially get very confusing, which leads us to the only downside of Else Heart.Break: it requires both time and hunting around for a guide or two to actually let you enjoy its many charms.

Oh, and the camera can get a bit confusing, but now I'm nitpicking. Else Heart.Break deserves to have hours poured into it. It's an adventure with a big heart.

Else Heart.Break() is available now for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store. The soundtrack is available here.