Previously revealed to the world at PAX, Rogue Rocket Games have taken their spiritual successor to MDK and Giants: Citizen Kabuto to the next step, as they have debuted their crowdfunding campaign for First Wonder on Kickstarter.

Aiming to build off their positive press and gathering momentum, the third person action-adventure game blends two different gameplay styles to make a unique experience. The smaller Cargonauts fly about with rocket packs and use a variety of gadgets to deal with the other playable character, Monstro. Monstro is large, agile, and very well adept at crushing his adversaries as he goes about the Majorcan Islands.

These characters will be the focus of a comedic single-player campaign, where Monstro seeks out mysterious relics to fulfill his prophecies, while the Cargonauts will deploy from their mobile gear depot called The Big Rig in attempt to find and capture the monstrous beast, which they have unwittingly released.

Also featured will be an asynchronous multiplayer mode featuring the two character types. One player will have a set of goals to achieve through the islands, while their opponents will use the Cargonauts, working together and using all their technology and traps to prevent that from happening.

Rogue Rocket was founded by industry veterans Nick Bruty and Rich Sun. Bruty worked for Virgin and Shiny, helping to create memorable properties such as MDK and Earthworm Jim before starting Planet Moon Studios and working on Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Sun worked for Lucas Arts on titles such as Escape From Monkey Island and Star Wars: Republic Commando before joining Planet Moon Studios for games including Infected and Afterburner: Black Falcon.

The title is currently only scheduled for a Windows PC release, with Steam, Humble and GoG versions confirmed so far. Stretch goals include console ports to PS4 and Xbox One, and the team have not completely ruled out a Linux port, depending on how quickly their familiarity with the Unreal engine grows.

First Wonder already looks to be an outstanding successor to Giants and MDK. With its team committed to preserving both the wit and action that made the titles memorable, and a dedication to making its characters interesting and memorable, I have high hopes for the game. I think anybody with a fondness for those classics are going to want to follow this closely, and anybody looking for some fresh, amusing action should too.