Budding developers have been making interesting, creative games using RPG Maker software for years. Some of my favorite horror games (The Witch's House, for example) have been made with it. Still, those games have been stuck on Windows PC during all this time, but with the newly-released RPG Maker MV, you can finally bring your games to Mac, iOS, and Android. Not only that, but the games you bring there can have side-view battle systems, touch and mouse controls, and better visuals with the new map editor and higher available resolutions. Kadokawa has done a lot of work to free developers up to use this tool as they see fit, adding in more music and visual assets for new developers, and allowing the addition of custom JavaScript plugins for people more comfortable with code.

It's great to see this software opening development up to other platforms as it continues to help new people get comfortable with game development. If you make something neat with it, feel free to drop a link in the comments!

RPG Maker MV is available for $79.99 on Steam (plus 10% off for launch week). For more information on the software and Kadokawa Corporation, you can head to the software's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.