With the entire caveman race facing annihilation at the tiny, useless hands of deadly dinosaurs, a single heroic neanderthal rises up to stop it the only way he knows how: hitting everything over the head with a big stick. The guy can use that stick in some creative ways, though, knocking back enemy projectiles or swinging it over his head to glide (?) in There Was a Caveman, out today on Steam. Danger abounds as you cross the caveman's world, fighting huge bugs, squid, mammoths, undead dinosaurs, and all kinds of other beasts while navigating treacherous platforms. He's determined, if not too bright, and could really use your help in getting past all these troubles and saving his prehistoric world!

There Was a Caveman will be available today for $6.99 on Steam (with a 10% discount for launch week). For more information on the game and Nauris Amatnieks, you can head to the game's site or follow them on YouTube and Twitter.