Enola was an uncomfortable game - the kind of horror experience that creeps under your skin and settles in, leaving your sick and unsettled. It showed that developer The Domaginarium is capable of some nightmare-inducing moments, and now they're going to use those skills to create a Tomb Raider-like horror platformer, The Nightmare from Outspace. Running from Lovecraftian horrors is one thing, but here, players will have to clamber up platforms, scale walls, and maneuver in complex 3D spaces in order to get away from the slithering beasts that are looking for them. I'm getting frightening flashbacks to running from the Dahaka in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within here.

The developers have released an early demo of the game for anyone wanting to get familiar with the labyrinthine environments and the creatures that will be eating you whole. If you find that falling to your death or dying at the hands of tentacled monstrosities is your thing after trying the demo, you can also donate to the game's Kickstarter.

For more information on The Nightmare from Outspace and The Domaginarium, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. They are also seeking funding for the game through Kickstarter.