Chaosreborn1.pngChaos: The Battle of Wizards was the best multiplayer turn-based game of the 8-bit era. Accept the obvious truth of this statement, oh reader, and rejoice as its 21st century update, the excellent Chaos Reborn by XCOM creator Julian Gollop, has finally been released in its complete glory.

As already hinted at during the lengthy and fruitful early access period of Chaos Reborn, this is a wonderful fantasy game indeed. One with lovely visuals, imposing music and amazingly clever tactics, where you get to play as a wizard. Yes, complete with staff, silly hat and everything.

ChaosReborn2.pngYou'll get to cast spells, dispel them, summon mythical beasts and warriors, create and disbelieve illusions and influence the magical battlefield to your favour in order to crush other sorcerers. Preferably those controlled by your friends, though battling complete and total strangers does have a certain charm too.

Not that the game's single player experience is lacking or anything (far from it), but it really does shine when played against other people.

And now that Chaos Reborn finally reached version 1.0 it's gotten a variety of shiny new features including tutorials, special challenges, Realm Quests, new music tracks, editable Realms, better graphics, a complete Game Guide and a messaging system.

Chaos Reborn by Snapshot Games and Julian Gollop is out now on Steam for Windows, Mac, Linux and SteamOS. You can find its official site here.