Critically acclaimed first-person narrative game Kholat, developed by Polish studio IMGN.PRO and released earlier this year, has been nominated by in several categories for the Game Connection Europe Development Awards. Winners of these awards will be announced on October 28th during the Game Connection Europe 2015 event held in Paris, France.

Receiving nominations for Best Desktop / Downloadable, Best Hardcore Game, Best Indie Game, and Best Story / Story Telling, Kholat has been praised since its release and is continuing to earn recognition for its achievements as both a narrative experience and a horror game. In addition, it is participating in a fan vote on Facebook for the People's Choice Award.

Lukasz Kubiak, IMGN.PRO co-owner says, "Receiving these nominations is a great achievement for the entire IMGN.PRO development team. We feel honored and happy that our hard work and dedication is paying off. Kholat was the first game of our studio, so it makes being nominated in these categories even more special."

A group of students who went on an expedition to the northern Ural Mountains, who failed to reach their goal and died in mysterious circumstances. The rescue team finds their tents cut open from the inside, and student bodies in incomplete dress hundreds of metres from the site. This became known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

Inspired by these events, Kholat allows the player to visit the site of the incident several years later, and gives them an opportunity to discover more about this tragic event. The open, nonlinear horror experience is chilling and atmospheric, and features narration by Sean Bean.

IMGN.PRO is a team of independent game specialists that has been operating since 2010 in Poland and central Europe, and since 2013 in all European and CIS markets. Their history as a publisher and marketer has helped them to reach the point where they were able to develop Kholat, their first title, to a high standard of quality.

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