It has been often said in the past that the adventure game is dead. Thankfully, this is not now nor has it ever truly been the case, just for a while fans of the genre had to look a little harder than at other times. Of course, the genre has seen a resurgence recently with some major hits, especially thanks to crowdfunding campaigns. One game that looks to continue the trend of excellent crowdfunded adventure games is Magic Lost by Conundrum Cove.

Setting Magic Lost apart at first glance is its look. With a colourful visual aesthetic, and big, detailed characters, it has a whimsical charm to it that many games don't attempt, or fall short of if they try. It's cute and appealing, and I think it definitely will hook a lot of people in.

The game has a humour to it as well, through some clever comments from the main character, Piper, and the descriptions of items you find as you explore and interact with the environment. The voice acting of Danielle Judovits as Piper helps to pull you into the magical world of the game, while the wit the character shows helps to make her relatable and fun.

Puzzles are integral to most adventure games, and it seems this one is no exception. The demo shows off a few simple ones, mainly of the use key on door variety, though it dabbles in the more elaborate when you get to doing alchemy. The alchemy system involves discovering ingredients and how to prepare them, and includes a bit of a timing element which should allow for more elaborate puzzle designs.

In addition to puzzles, the game is intended to have boss encounters. With each boss beaten, Piper will acquire new spells, chosen by the player, and the bosses can be encountered in any order. You should be able to play through these as you see fit. This non-linear format is planned to also apply to puzzle solving and world exploration, though it isn't really shown off in the demo. It is always intriguing however when adventure games offer the opportunity for multiple puzzle solutions, and hopefully Magic Lost can deliver on this.

Without the ability to control her powers, elder wizards have sensed that Piper will become powerful and evil, and as such, have sealed off her power. This done, she sets off determined to defeat these same wizards who have taken her powers away. From here the plot promises to allow make meaningful and profound decisions as you restore Piper's power as the plot deepens.

As a long time fan of point and click adventure games, I can confidently say Magic Lost certainly looks and feels like it's on the right track. The team behind the game seems to know what they want to do both with the gameplay and narrative, and they've also managed to create a fun and interesting character in Piper. If you're into adventure games, definitely give Magic Lost some consideration. If you're on the fence, there's a playable demo you can download on the Kickstarter page and see for yourself what you think.