patanoirIG.pngPataNoir is a text adventure. A work of interactive fiction and thus a game utilizing words, even though, unlike most adventures of its kind, one that seems intent to actually manipulate and play with said words. To conceive figurative language as literal, somehow without losing the allure of a remarkably accessible offering; one ideal for i-f newcomers.

To give you an example straight from PataNoir's admittedly brilliant tutorial, after you discover the existence of your firearm and type "revolver" for the first time, you are told it's been "like a trusty servant never leaving your side". Type "servant" and you'll discover that "Mr. Smith Wesson, your trusty servant, is at your side as always. He wears a grey suit and a tie" and that your .38 gun has been transmuted into a wonderful hint-dispensing character you seem to always carry with you.

How clever is that?

Very, actually, as is the rest of this amazing and properly surreal text adventure involving Barons, their daughters, metaphors, hardened private detectives, hardly sensible buildings and word games the likes of which I had never encountered before.

Add an excellent interface, the built-in walkthrough, some lovely illustrations and a theme song and you've got a nigh on unmissable adventure that's simultaneously a perfect entry to the world of text-based gaming and refreshingly different to satisfy the most hardened of genre veterans.

PataNoir by Simon Christiansen can (and should) be purchased on Apple's App Store, Google Play and for Amazon's Kindle Fire. The older Glulx version of the game can be downloaded via IFDB.