prominencePreOrder.pngDistinctively Clarke-esque science fiction adventure Prominence shall, according to devs Digital Media Workshop, be launched on the 6th of this very November. It's unbelievable, right? I mean, I've been waiting for this incredibly promising, atmospheric first person point-and-click puzzler since the very first time I played through an early demo and that was years ago.

And now it's mere days from launch. And everyone who's fast enough to pre-order a copy of the game via the Prominence site will be getting a 20% off discount, both Steam and DRM-free versions of the thing for Windows and the chance to get their name into the finished game as a founding settler of New Letarr; complete with colonist profession and everything.

Prominence by Digital Media Workshop will be be launched on the 6th of November on Steam and for Windows. The game will be available in English and German, with additional localizations planned for French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Russian.