Former game yet always indie developers Tale of Tales are aiming to create their magnum opus: nothing short of a Cathedral-in-the-Clouds. A virtual place inspired by the wonderful and immensely intricate Gothic churches of Flanders. A place to contemplate and explore art in. A realtime 3D interactive place filled with digital dioramas that will be both open to everyone (for free) and, apparently, also accessible via those fancy new VR glasses everyone's talking about.

Here's how Tale of Tales describe the project:

"We think of Cathedral-in-the-Clouds as an ever expanding collection of virtual dioramas depicting scenes created for contemplation. The individual pieces will be available in a variety of digital media (downloads, web, apps, video, etc). Or they can be explored together in virtual reality (VR) in the eponymous cathedral. The subject matter for the dioramas is inspired by the medieval art that we find ourselves surrounded by in our home town of Ghent in Flanders."


To support Cathedral-in-the-Clouds head over to Kickstarter. Or take a look at the project's site first and, well, maybe donate there via Paypal. You know, for art.