While I was a little surprised by all the perfect scores The Talos Principle received last year upon its PC release, after only a few minutes of playing, I understood why the game, and its team, deserved them. So, if you've slept on the game so far, here's a new excuse to fix that: a retail disc version of the stunning collaboration between Croteam, Jonas Kyratzes, and Tom Jubert, has released on PS4 today, bringing the splendid game and the Road to Gehenna DLC to anyone who hasn't already bought it for PC. Combining sublime puzzle-solving that takes simple concepts and twists them into complex tasks and a narrative that explores the strange importance of curiosity and games to humanity, it's a thoughtful, contemplative experience that you really shouldn't skip out on.

The PS4 edition of The Talos Principle is available at retail for $49.99. For more information on the game and its developers, you can head to Croteam's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter; you can head to Jonas Kyratzes' site or follow him on YouTube and Twitter; and you can head to Tom Jubert's site or follow him on YouTube and Twitter.