When people discuss games as a form of art, they are often found referring to the graphical fidelity of a game. While breathtaking visuals and creative, hand-drawn artwork definitely make a strong case for a game to be considered as art, I've always found storytelling, character design, and believable dialogue to be some of the best examples of why video games deserve as much recognition among the artistic community as any other medium. When it comes to storytelling and creating an interesting world, Albert & Otto - The Adventure Begins has managed to present an interesting concept along with a sinister and creepy aesthetic.

Albert & Otto follows a young boy named Albert, whose sister has just been abducted. Albert must then embark on a courageous journey with the help of his sister's magical stuffed bunny, Otto. Along the way, Albert will have to come face-to-face with frightening beasts and treacherous traps that will test both his physical abilities and his resolve. As he attempts to rescue his sister, Albert will uncover something about himself that not even he was aware of.

Albert & Otto, while featuring puzzle-platforming gameplay, is meant to be a cinematic storytelling experience. The game is a result of combining sole developer Nikola Kostic's love for film making, storytelling, and game design into an interactive experience that manages to tell a compelling tale. Interestingly enough, the game is set shortly before World War II in Germany, which is promised to play a major role in the plot.


As many cinematic games often do, Albert & Otto will be releasing in an episodic format, with each episode costing $4.99. While each chapter can be played independently without having to complete the previous or later versions, in order to get the full experience of the game it is imperative that you ensure to play them all in order after they have released. As you make your way through the game, you'll begin to uncover the twisted truth behind Albert's sister's abduction.

Playing Albert & Otto allows you to control both characters separately, each with their own unique and helpful abilities. However, as you progress through the story, you'll begin to unlock powerful combo moves that utilize both characters and various items. Combining a compelling plot and setting with what I consider to be a fantastic art style (which is said to be inspired by Tim Burton's early stop-motion work), Albert & Otto is promising to be one of my most anticipated titles so far this year.

Albert & Otto will be releasing its first episode on October 28th, which will be available on Steam for $4.99.