Hypnohustler Games has made every installment of Lakeview Cabin Collection very different from the last. The first chapter involved a sandbox of items and weapons to be used on a relentless killer, the second one had players trying to survive an assault on a house filled with violent murderers, and the third, released a few days ago, asks you to solve a complex puzzle while being dogged by a masked menace. As usual, experimentation with your four playable teenage characters and the items around them is key, and this chapter carries all of the same fantastic tension and absurd humor the series excels at.


This chapter, Lakeview Cabin V (the series started at 3 because...reasons?), places a new crew of four teens in a neighborhood stalked by a masked, video game-loving slasher villain. Surviving this time will mean more than killing the villain first, as the focus of this installment is in solving a puzzle. Each chapter does, to an extent, as players mess around with the items that are lying around, trying to see which ones turn lethal when used in combination or alone. Yet here, it seems even more important, as Hypnohustler Games have gone out of their way to make the chapter's solution complicated, requiring all of the player's curiosity and brain power to unravel how to win.


For those who found the previous chapters too challenging, this chapter is also much kinder about death, working resurrection into the storyline and allowing you to bring some of your poor teenagers back. It's a seamless solution, creating a fix for a player complaint by crafting it into the puzzle-solving, and is just another hint at the impressive creativity of the one-man development team. Anyone interested in horror that keeps adapting and changing, yet never stops effortlessly weaving tense fear and outrageous, dark humor together, should get in on Lakeview Cabin Collection's teenager-killing action. Plus you'll get the next few installments for free, and with Hypnohustler Games' varied installments so far, who knows what the next one will be.

Lakeview Cabin Collection, which contains all three episodes and will get future episodes for free, is available for $9.99 from the developer's site, Steam, and For more information on the game and Hypnohustler Games, you can follow them on YouTube and Twitter.