Doesn't sound too difficult, does it? You're stuck inside a broken down car and just have to get it started and escape in Anxiety: Lost Night. You never leave the car, so the solution lies somewhere within the front seat. Thing is, you can figure out some of the mystery as to why you're stuck out here should you find the right items and solve the right puzzles. You'll have to do that with something creeping ever-closer to the car, though. Something that wants in. Forcing players to endure pressure and panic while completing the complex task of starting the car may have been enough, but there is also a curiosity there that encourages you to take risks. Do you push to escape, or do you try to get some answers along the way? Developers Maxi and the Gang have crammed a lot of fear, puzzles, and mystery into the confines of a front seat, and are only looking for someone to jump in the passenger side and try it.

A playable build of Anxiety: Lost Night is available on Gamejolt. For more information on the game and developer Maxi and the Gang, you can head to the developer's profile or follow them on YouTube and Twitter.