Bulb Boy sure is an adorable character. His smiling and giggling just bring a grin to your face. And then he fights a giant pile of feces that's sprung up after he has diarrhea from eating a demonic chicken, and the whole tone of the game just kind of shifts a bit. Bulb Boy constantly bounces back and forth between being cute and sickening as you join the glowing child on its quest to save its grandpa, but even as it churns your stomach, its puzzles and neat non-verbal communication keep you moving forward. How would a light bulb navigate through someone's bowels, anyway? Bulb Boy answers this and other questions you've likely never asked.


Being a living light bulb has interesting uses (and creates some unique problems) when demonic forces overtake your house. A monstrous hand reaching up out of the floor? Throw your head up to the ceiling and bounce across the chandeliers (and try not to think about how they were lit before)! Dark night in the house? Your head acts as a light. The drag is that it doesn't take much to break that brittle noggin of yours, so you have to be very careful around the game's enemies. Timing is very important to Bulb Boy's point and click gameplay, so you'll need to act fast lest you be reduced to a pile of broken glass.


If you're ever stuck, Bulb Boy knows what to do, even if he doesn't speak your language. Using images, Bulb Boy and his friends tell you everything you need to know, making the game's gross, sometimes complex puzzles very easy to navigate (and the generous checkpoints sure do help, too). Bulb Boy will have you doing some unique things to kick evil out of his house, but even at its most sickening and complicated, its hard not to want to spend more time with this endearing character and silly family. Although putting an old man's false teeth in your mouth is pushing it a bit.

Bulb Boy is available for $9.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Bulbware, you can head to the game's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.