Anyone can do an 8-bit inspired platformer these days, but not many can aim as high as Jay Tholen of Dropsy fame and Wyv and Keep studio A Jolly Corpse are aiming with the delicious looking Douglas Circumstance - Monster Extermination Company. A brief glimpse at the Kickstarter video will reveal this particular platformer to be made of stunning pixel-art, ludicrously imaginative enemies, infesting monsters, top-down labyrinths, beat-'em-up-like sections, secrets, a slightly modified NES palette, platforms, platform-like structures, outrageous weapons and dollops of love.

Now, I could go on and and on about why this simply has to be made or why I fully trust the devs to deliver on their promises, but I'd rather post some wonderful pictures of the thing instead. After of course letting you know that a mere $10 pledge on Kickstarter will secure you a copy Douglas Circumstance for PC upon release and a bit more will get you everything from beta access and the OST to retro-esque manuals and posters.