backgammonblitz.pngIndie developers Nomad Games have a thing for porting board games to our very digital medium, though I have to admit that after Games Workshop's RPG-esque Talisman I definitely wasn't expecting them to tackle backgammon. Yet, they did, and Backgammon Blitz is out now on Steam for PCs the world over.

And though it may not be my dream backgammon game, which frankly only I could ever make, it's the best I've played so far, looks lovely, allows for both local and online multiplayer and even managed to beat me. Once, but that's way better than expected. Oh, and it does come with a pretty extensive tutorial too, but I have to admit I didn't bother with it.

Backgammon Blitz is out now on Steam for Windows. Grab it within the next 30 hours for a hefty 25% off.