soundly.pngI was fortunate enough to be able and try the Pro version of Soundly for a few days and I simply have to admit that it's an utterly amazing tool for managing sound effects. Not only does it come bundled with an impressive sound library of over 300 quality effects for the free version and over 5000 for the Pro version, but it also lets you index your own sound library and drag-and-drop sounds from Soundly directly into any of your projects.

Soundly can be used in either multiple-screens or single-screen mode and will of course also let you edit and preview sounds, while allowing you to play around with meta-data of all sorts. A built-in sounds store is also provided, as is the option to migrate your full Soundminer libraries. You can try Soundly out on

Oh, and here's another important bit: you can actually win one of ten complete Soundly Pro licences for Windows and Mac via this most generous give-away.