Competently porting a board-game to, say, the contemporary PC is definitely something to be applauded and supported, but actually creating a board-game like murder-y mystery experience that could only work as a video game is something else entirely. Something quite brilliant and absolutely worth experiencing, especially when offered to you in the guise of the freshly released and very fresh indeed Devil's Bluff. The 11 vs 1 online murder mystery that does survival horror like no other.

devilsbluff.jpgFollowing a successful Kickstarter campaign, Devil's Bluff is something like a real-time, action-based, rogue-like version of Clue where a cast of lovingly stereotyped characters are either the murderer or trying to discover who she or he actually is without getting killed. Everything's taking place in a huge and labyrinthine mansion situated on the picturesque Devil's Bluff; the place for annual scavenger hunts.

But, the game isn't really about merely finding things. It's a whodunit where the killer is either you or up to you to discover. A game filled with traps, secret passages, peepholes, lots of slapping around, quite a bit of hiding and gloriously pixelated murder and a fantastic chance to gather your friends online and have a great gaming night.

Devil's Bluff is out now for Windows and Mac on Steam. It is a multiplayer only affair, mind you. Here's the game's official site.