playfield.pngThere is a new indie game storefront on the block called Playfield. It aims to improve game discoverability via algorithms and social features that allow players to discuss the games and make recommendations. If consumers buy the games via Playfield most of the revenue goes straight to the developer.

Playfield is built around systems designed to help put games in front of people who are more likely to enjoy them. Its creators want to encourage indie developers to look at user-acquisition as an ongoing relationship with the audience rather than as a one-time cost, so it also hooks into social platforms like Twitter and YouTube to pull in the assets, content, and conversations that are happening around each individual title and display them for its users to easily browse. Playfield's creators want every game page to serve as both a storefront and a community hub, allowing developers and their fans to communicate easily.

To this end, they're looking to get more developers and players to start using the system now and provide feedback so they can improve it. They are encouraging developers to start a Playfield hub for their games early in development. They're offering developers who sign on in 2015 a 90% revenue share until the end of February 2016, at which time it will drop to Playfield's intended standard rate of 75%. They also have plans to work with streamers and other media content producers in the future.