The game calls itself Alien Dinosaurs, but look at the tiny arms on the Tyrannosaurus Rex in that trailer. There is no way he built all this high-tech spaceship stuff. You can put tiny glasses and a lab coat on him, but I still don't buy it. Just the same, it does look like it will be entertaining to run through the gauntlet of various machines, aliens, and other warriors that he gathered on the ship to test fighters from other planets. A little silly, too, in case fighting a scientist Tyrannosaurus didn't tip you off to that. You'll just as easily find a mop as a laser gun as you're fighting your way through the ship. But will that mop be enough?

Can a mop stop the end of civilization? Guess we'll see as Alien Dinosaurs moves through development.

For more information on Alien Dinosaurs and Ratalaika Games, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The game is also looking for votes on Steam Greenlight and funding through Kickstarter.