consuming1.jpgPeople may have noticed me complaining about rogue-likes lately. Even more so when the stars are either wrong or even slightly confused and it honestly doesn't all have to do with me getting older. Oh, no. It's got everything to do with the rogue-like formula being ridiculously overused and occasionally ruining some mighty fine games.

Happily and, dare I say, almost unexpectedly this is not the case with Yahtzee's The Consuming Shadow: Insanity Edition. It is a mighty fine game that just couldn't have been anything but a rogue-like.

consuming2.jpgBeing clever, different, very well written and designed to make sure its theme and mechanics support each other does definitely help quite a bit too, as does the fact that this is one of the select few horror games that actually understand how to treat and nurture their lovecraftian inspiration. Also, and in case the name sounds familiar, yes, The Consuming Shadow: Insanity Edition is indeed the latest version of the Consuming Shadow only with added bells whistles and available on Steam.

So, uhm, what is this story driven rogue-like all about? Well, you are cast as the unlucky investigator person tasked with driving around England battling ancient, indescribable horrors while trying to a) not die, b) not get hopelessly insane, c) gather clues, d) understand the meaning of said clues, e) play a bit with drugs, magic and crucifixes and f) banish an Elder-esque God within 60 hours. Or, to use its author's exact words:

"The Consuming Shadow is a procedural survival horror adventure in which you must explore the land, fight your way through randomly-generated dungeons and try to stay sane in your quest to save the world from the invading Ancients. The new Insanity Edition for Steam introduces new modes and features for even more expanded gameplay."

The Consuming Shadow by Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw is available on Steam for Windows and DRM-free on the Humble Store. You can also go for the Special Edition which comes complete with Yahtzee's couple of truly funny books.