Penariumtoooop.pngPlatforming classic Manic Miner is, indeed, a 2D arena arcade game where you take on the role of Willy. Interestingly, freshly released Penarium also happens to be a 2D arena arcade game where you take on the role of Willy. And just like Manic Miner before it, this is an absolutely excellent and bonkers platformer I instantly fell in love with. A game I can see myself playing years from now. A wonderfully cheery arcade experience.

And, yes, even though this fresh, indie Willy is no miner, he's an adorable little chap who has to jump for his life and escape the most lethally impressive and quite frankly sinister circus show imaginable. Avoiding huge bowling balls, flying tigers and brightly painted bullets in front of a bloodthirsty crowd, spectacular as it may sound, is no easy task. It requires good reflexes, split-second decisions and a mastery of the game only time can provide you (and Willy) with.

penariuuuum.jpgPenarium, you see, is demanding. Incredibly simple to grasp, yes, but definitely demanding. And taxing. Most importantly though Penarium is deeply satisfying. It is expertly designed. It looks and sounds lovely. It is packed with features and little touches and sports some of the best two-player action I've seen in quite some time. Oh, and those amazing single player arcade and campaign modes too.

So, yes, if you love your arcade gaming, Penarium comes highly recommended!

Penarium by Self Made Miracle is available to purchase for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam -- a free demo can also be downloaded. Penarium can also be grabbed for Xbox One and PS4.