Christmas came early for me when I found out about the Space Funeral series. A handful of surreal, hilarious RPGs all made by various developers and artists, it's easy to get lost in their colorful worlds filled with monsters, lions, and muscle hedonists. And Bubsy. Yes, that Bubsy, (well, maybe not QUITE that Bubsy) thanks to developer and comic artist Squirrelly Jack. Squirrelly Jack has just released a demo of the fourth iteration of the series, Super Space Funeral 4 Deluxe Blood Red Version & Bubsy, letting players overcome horrific, bloody monstrosities while living out their dream of dating Bubsy. Just...maybe don't play it at work. Maybe.


For more information on Super Space Funeral 4 Deluxe Blood Red Version & Bubsy and developer Squirrelly jack, you can follow them on Twitter, Tumblr, and GameJolt.