Two buttons are all that's keeping you alive in RunGunJumpGun. One shoots at the ground, keeping you afloat above spikes, lava, and other deadly things you pretended your floor was when you were a kid. The other shoots at hazards, enemies, and other traps in your path. Mess up, and you'll find yourself hurtling backwards, watching all your progress get wrenched from your grasp. RunGunJumpGun wants you to really feel the pain of failure in its pulsing stages filled with brilliant color, screen-shaking gunfire, and pounding sound. There's no official word on when ThirtyThree Games will be unleashing RunGunJumpGun on the world, but you should be able to tell from all the enraged screaming coming from my house on release day.

For more information on RunGunJumpGun and ThirtyThree Games, you can head to the game's Steam Greenlight page or follow them on YouTube and Twitter.