prominence1.pngThere's a certain rare breed of point-and-click adventures that effortlessly showcase why this genre used to reign supreme during the '90s. They are those select few, exquisitely designed and thoughtfully written offerings that sport layers upon layers of interlocked mysteries and puzzles to solve. Those modern adventures that look and sound wonderful while telling engrossing stories in a way no other medium cold ever hope for. The games that subtly evolve and perfect the point-and-click formula.

Games just like the recently released sci-fi adventure Prominence.

Assuming you must have already guessed that, yes, I am indeed loving Prominence, let me admit that I have not finished it just yet. I simply refused to be rushed and could not see the point of using a walkthrough to speed things up. I do already know that this is a great game after all --one I can safely and heartily recommend-- and I frankly want to savor its sci-fi pleasures and figure everything out. That also includes solving the brilliant meta-puzzle involving Steam achievements.

prominence2.jpgI even took the time to read through the mood-setting Prominence Prologue texts before starting playing properly, which is far from mandatory, but it did help prepare me for the deserted, futuristic stark environments of a transit facility somewhere in deep space.

Prominence, you see, does unfold in such a deserted and architecturally intriguing place and you'll get to explore it all via a sleek node-based first-person interface, while struggling to survive and piece together what happened in its vast storage rooms, impressive towers and cleverly arranged corridors. It's a station filled with weird machines and gadgets, but apparently one currently devoid of any other living organism. Actually, it does look as if it has been rather swiftly evacuated and some of the damage it sustained is still there for you to see (and endure).

prominence3.jpgYou start off knowing nothing and have to solve beautifully integrated and sensible puzzles to slowly try and piece together the series of events that took place and hopefully discover whether any escape routes are available. This though, you'll soon realize, is not about the survival of just you, but of an entire civilization. Your actions might just seal the fates of millions of Lettari refugees and will definitely help tell a most engrossing tale.

Prominence by Digital Media Workshop is available for Windows on Steam and DRM-free on the Humble Store and its official site.