gremlins.pngIf you ask me, Gremlins Inc. is treating early access the way most games should. It already is in a fully playable and properly polished state that simply is not 100% feature complete and solely needs your pre-release support in order to achieve its, hopefully glorious, complete form. But, what is Gremnlins Inc anyway, I pretend to hear you ask. Well, it's a beautiful and devilishly entertaining indie board game, that somehow managed to find itself on Steam's digital tabletop instead of, well, our collective and very physical tables.

And, yes, it's a highly intriguing and original game too. One you can play both solo against the AI and, of course, online against an already decently sized menagerie of human opponents. Here's how the devs describe it:

"The steampunk setting of Gremlins, Inc. introduces us to a bunch of capitalistic, corrupt gremlins competing for money, political power and prestige with mischief, strategy and plain bitchiness as weapons. The game is a scathing satire of our own society with a surprising strategic depth and a hectic pace: on one turn your opponents steal you all your money and send you to jail, the next you get elected as governor while you are serving your sentence; you are about to win after stepping on everyone toes and the next you know is that your own malice backfires and misfortune takes its toll."

Gremlins Inc. is available on Steam's Early Access for Windows, Mac and Linux, where it's receiving weekly updates. A full release is expected in Q2 2016.