ultrahat.pngThere was a game called 'The Vizier' we used to play in high school that involved a bunch of teenagers, a packet of cigarettes and lots of slapping and it was --for years without end-- the only game that I was aware of to involve slapping as a game mechanic. Well, no more apparently, as the just released Ultra Hat Dimension is the outrageously cute and cutely violent puzzler that finally brought the slapping mechanic to video gaming and, though I do miss the silly excitement of trying to hide burning red cheeks from professors, the undisputed new king of all slapping games.

More importantly, it's an excellent puzzler that also features hats. Hats with wings and stars. Wizard hats and bow ribbon hats and if you wear the wrong one you'll get slapped. Not that slapping is necessarily bad, mind you, but if you want to successfully navigate Ultra Hat Dimension's Spluff Palace and find and defeat your arch-nemesis, you'll have to be able to pick your hats wisely. Occasionally pushing your slappers or taking advantage of the beautifully pixelated environments should also come in handy.

Anyway. Here's a trailer to explain everything about this lovely game to you and to also let you know that this is a highly moddable offering. Oh, and please do substitute the word 'punch' with 'slap' and join me in some pointless smiling.

Ultra Hat Dimension and its demo by Kitsune Games are out now for Windows on itch.io and their official site.

[Disclaimer: Our very own Lena LeRay was part of the team that crafted Ultra Hat Dimension and, among other things, she provided the glorious mouth sounds. We are a creative lot here at IndieGames.com, you know.]