Sylvio was an eerie, chilling experience, frightening its players with an uncomfortable atmosphere as they sought to collect the spoken words of the dead through electronic voice phenomena. Hearing those phantoms was both sad and unsettling, but now, developer Stroboskop is looking to add some frightening visuals to the mix, giving protagonist Juliette Waters a video recorder for the game's sequel, Sylvio 2. Judging from these first looks (and the demo, which you can get right now), the ghosts are much, much creepier than the ones in the previous game, adding some more visual punch to go along with the previous game's excellent audio. Everything that held back the first game is being beefed up or stripped away entirely, leaving behind what's shaping up to be a powerful horror experience.

For more information on Sylvio 2 and Stroboskop, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on YouTube and Twitter. The developer is also looking for funding on Kickstarter.