HandofFateminotaur.jpgI have been aware of the existence of The Hand of Fate and the fact that everybody seems to love this very unique and very clever deck-building action-RPG for quite some time now, but I had never tried actually playing it. Tsk. How incredibly foolish of me. Hand of Fate, you see, is quite the masterpiece. The genius storytelling techniques, the brilliantly designed action sequences, the wonderfully illustrated and ever expanding deck of cards, the sheer variety of things, the incredibly successful voice acting, the great art direction and a perfectly executed core idea make this a game I was a fool to ignore. Well, happily that's fixed now.

On an even happier note though, both new players and the wise souls who have already spent hours on The Hand of Fate will get to play with three already launched new expansions that add new adventures, cards, monsters and equipment to game: the Winter's Hunt that will eventually let you battle the mythical White Minotaur, the White Council that will allow you to discover the secret of the Mages and the Hall of the Goblin King that might just earn you a goblin crown.

A fourth update (essentially more free DLC), Underworld, will be added before New Year's Eve. In it, you'll apparently be doing some pretty solid dungeoneering.

Hand of Fate by Defiant Development is available, complete with all the free new DLC, for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam and DRM-free on GOG. The game is also available for PS4 and Xbox One.