How hard can it be to keep a blob happy? I mean, Blobert was largely happy all through my playthrough of A Boy and his Blob, even as he watched me fall to my demise a few hundred times. So I figured I knew what was up when it came to taking care of my new gelatinous pal in Virtual Grappi. Still, how do you make a blob happy? Will a tire make him happy? Will a hat? What about a stun gun? Things just kind of happen when you give Grappi things, like turning its house into a beehive or making an alarming creature come to the window. Keeping the poor creature alive and happy with this hodgepodge of items isn't always easy, but it'll help create a friendship you'll treasure forever.

Unless, you know, you accidentally send Grappi to a hellish nightmare world from which there's no escape. But how likely is that to happen?


Virtual Grappi is available for free from For more information on the game and developer Sooz, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Twitter.