Wonderland.pngJim Monroe, the writer and co-creator of the excellent Unmanned, has gone on and done the unthinkable: he fused an engrossing audio drama with a walking simulator that actually requires you to walk. And with your very own legs too if you'd ever believe the man's audacity! Then he went on and impressed the people of IndieCade 2015 and finally, in an act of sheer defiance, actually published his game --Wonderland - A Solvitur Ambulando Mystery-- on the App Store.

Now, he expects you to grab it, thank him for the century old graphics, wildly innovative design and impressive production values on offer and go on and walk around a bit in order to gather all the clues a 1914 projectionist would need to solve a murder. As for me, I'll patiently wait for an Android release as I definitely am not carrying an iPad with me in the tiny forests of Athens.

Wonderland - A Solvitur Ambulando Mystery is available now for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. You can visit its official site here.