Humanity's fall has brought quiet along with it. It's the first thing I noticed about The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human: the near-silence. Save for the ripples of waves and air bubbling up through the water, the world is just so, so quiet. Tranquil may be the better word, as this game isn't filled with monsters to blast your way through or hordes of enemies looking to punish you for coming back to your home planet. All that's left here is a stillness and peace to be explored - a wordless testament to the actions that lead to a race's destruction.

And heaven help you if you break that silence.


The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human presents a wide undersea world to explore with its release today. The waters have risen up over Earth's cities and skyscrapers, creating gorgeous, if depressing, landscapes to float by. Kelp and glowing seaweed entwine with broken buildings and rusted tanks, all empty and useless to anyone but the giant multi-colored fish that live here, now. Accompanied by very soft music and the sounds of fish swimming by, it's a lonely experience that encourages players to fill in the gaps in the story themselves. It's a symbiotic storytelling experience where the developer's world inspires creativity in the player.


For the most part, you'll be left alone on this haunting journey, letting you draw your own meanings from the broken machinery our species has left behind without interruption from many enemies. The few creatures that do have a problem with your presence are extremely dangerous, though. You don't fight often in The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, but when you do, the battles are brutal and exhausting. They provide a shot of adrenaline for when exploration might get tired, creating some truly memorable fights against spectacular creatures with complex combat abilities.


Whether you want to explore a striking underwater world built upon the ruined remnants of humanity, contemplating the actions that brought about our downfall, or tangle with vicious bosses that will leave your resolve in shreds, The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human will please. Do try your best to keep the last human alive a little bit longer as you play, though. Being eaten by a giant parasitic clam isn't the most noble way for our race to finally die out.

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human is available for $9.99 (Plus 15% off during launch week) on Steam and For more information on the game and YCJY, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.