Your future digital fast food job keeps looking better and better, which you can see in the newest trailer for Andrew Brophy's Knuckle Sandwich. Not that the goofy RPG about puns, cults, part-time jobs, and murderers didn't look nice before, but the greater level of detail and bigger characters make the turn-based combat and food-serving action look that much better. Also, there's a taste of the soothing tunes that will carry you forward as you fight your way through the ooze and bat-filled streets, struggling to stay alive so you can continue flaking on your job.

After all, why risk dodging your real job when you can safely do it in a video game?

For more information on Knuckle Sandwich and Andrew Brophy, you can head to the game's site, the developer's site, or follow them on YouTube, Twitter, and TIGSource.