Swedish developer Might and Delight, known for the Shelter series of games, has just announced their next project in the Shelter universe, a spinoff to Shelter 2 called Paws.

Scheduled for release on Steam and other outlets on March 24th, 2016, Paws is an adventure platformer title where the player assumes the tiny paws of a lost baby lynx. Struggling to find your way home, you will make your way through an atmospheric and unsettling world.

According to Might and Delight CEO, Anders Westin, "As the world of Shelter continues to grow, so has the opportunity to expand on the experiences and variety of stories we can tell. We've also been hugely inspired by the feedback and continued support of our fans, who have shown a clear indication to delve further into the Shelter universe."

While still featuring the Shelter series' distinct visual style, the game will focus on platforming, while using a new tracking mechanic to help guide you on your way back to home through all the dangerous the world can offer to a small, scared animal, while finding friends and the strength to persevere through it all.

In addition to the base game, an Expanded Edition is planned. This will feature the game as well as a new soundtrack from Retro Family, and Might and Delight's first interactive book, The Lonesome Fog.

Might and Delight is an independent game studio formed in 2010 in Stockholm. The company, with a mix of industry veterans and indie developers has adopted a focus on taking inspiration from other cultural art and history in their media, allowing them to focus on creating unique experiences while still maintaining an innovative playfulness about them.