Drawing inspiration from the rich world of Arabic folklore, Islamic art, the horrors of contemporary reality, '80s arcades and, apparently, armoured bipedal vehicles, Dujanah is bound to become a wonderful and bravely unique game, as Jack King-Spooner returns to Kickstarter to find support for his most ambitious creation to date. If all goes well, and I am certain all will go well, Dujanah will become a stunningly handcrafted game of clay animations, photo-collages and paintings supported by a soundtrack of acoustic instruments and filled with weird stories, innovative mechanics, random elements, grotesque beings, scary humans, secret secrets and odd machines. Chances are it will even sport an arcade with playable games and a post-punk band!

dujanah1.gifDujanah by Jack King-Spooner is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and is estimated to be released in October 2016 for Windows, Mac and Linux. A pledge of less than $10 will secure you a copy upon release.