Witness1.pngThe Witness is, at its simplest, an exploration puzzle game. Then again, at its simplest, it also is a game by Braid's Jonathan Blow, but just as its crafting involved a team of talented programmers, artists, designers, actors, sounds specialists and architects, so is this game so much more than a great puzzler. It's a master class in environmental storytelling, puzzle design, interactive beauty, UI elegance and mazes. Hundreds of glorious, surprisingly different and fiendishly clever mazes.

witness2.pngSolving them all would probably take you over 40 hours, but you frankly shouldn't rush. You should take the time to explore the island you've found yourself stranded in and solve an elaborate meta-puzzle that might even not be there. You should search for the most beautiful vantage points, the most intriguing audio narrations, the eeriest details and the most expressive statues, if statues are indeed what those things are.

You should let The Witness absorb you and tease you and teach you. You should enjoy every moment and think hard for every seemingly impossible puzzle. You should really play this game and I should really stop typing for fear of spoiling this excellent game.

The Witness by Thekla out now for Windows on Steam and for PS4 on the PlayStation Store. An iOS version will be released in the following months.