deadbolttop.pngThe very same people who brought us brilliantly procedural run-'n'-gun Risk of Rain have just released DEADBOLT and have thus made me a very happy murderer of undead drug lords indeed. A creepy, stealthy and very efficient murderer whose main weakness is pausing a tad too often to properly listen to Chris Christodoulou's amazing soundtrack and not pausing often enough to actually strategize. Then again I am pretty awesome at emerging from toilets and instantly slaughtering their users.

I'm pretty good at taking cover behind fridge-doors and sofas, delivering killing blows with sledgehammers and not being distracted by the wonderfully illuminated pixel-art too. Oh, and I do wish I was better at actually convincing people to play DEADBOLT for it is also masterfully designed, intriguingly written, cleverly demanding and a very, very good game.

deadbolt.pngDEADBOLT by Hopoo Games is out now for Windows on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store. You can find the soundtrack on bandcamp.