python 2016-02-17 14-08-36-39.pngToday's trailer roundup features a couple of unusual survival games, some tricky stick spinning, a match three football management game, and moon racing, among other things. Enjoy!

Windows, OS X, Linux | $TBA | Release TBA | Greenlight

From developer Przemek Müller (creator of bite-sized roguelite RTS Prophour23): "It's a set of survival-roguelike novellas with meaningful choices and multiple endings!"

Windows, OS X, Linux | $TBA | Q2 2016 | Greenlight

A single- or multiplayer experience about being a leaf soaring ever higher.

Near Death
Windows, OS X, Linux | $TBA | Sometime 2016

This is the teaser for Othogonal Games' upcoming game set at an empty antarctic research base. The player will have to wrestle with the elements to survive, but although the game was originally conceived as a survival game, the developers say it's moved away from that. This is the studio that brought us The Novelist, so I'm intrigued.

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth
iOS, Android (future Win, Mac) | $2 | Mobile now, PC later | Greenlight

From developer Team Signal: "OPUS is a story driven hidden object adventure where you play as Emeth, a robot from the distant future in search of the fabled planet Earth. Together, you will scour the galaxy through the lens of a deep space telescope."

iOS, Android | Free (IAP) | Available now

An arcade-style stick-spinning game with a Fallout PipBoy-inspired aesthetic.

Posthuman: Sanctuary
Windows, OS X, Linux | $15+ | December 2016 | Kickstarter | Greenlight

From Maltese developer Mighty Box: "It's part roguelite, part interactive fiction. The key attractor to Posthuman: Sanctuary is a world of interconnecting, data-driven systems and possibilities. The game combines turn-based combat, team management and exploration elements with narrative scenarios where the choices you make will shape the story that follows. Your followers have a blend of psychological traits and will react to the choices you make in narrative and combat encounters."

Puzzle Football
iOS | Free (IAP) | Available now

This looks a lot like Puzzle Quest, but for fans of sports management games.

Stellar Tactics
Windows, OS X | $TBA | Sometime 2016 | Greenlight

A space fantasy tactical RPG set in the wake of a plague.

Windows, Linux | $TBA | Early Access March 4

This isn't the first time I've included Switchcars in one of these roundups, and it looks like they've added a great deal of content in the meantime. The game is set for a Steam Early Access launch tomorrow, March 4th.

Systems TBA | $TBA | Release TBA

From developer Joe Bain: "It's a fast-paced racing game, with fun arcadey handling, and a metroid style game world. No driving round in circles - the whole solar system is the track, and you collect different powerups to traverse it. Boost, jump, grapple, teleport, and more to get the fastest route and the quickest time."