immortal.pngTo my defense it was late in August and I was away doing silly things by the sea, but I really shouldn't have missed that email regarding the Steam release of Immortal Defense. I should have both played and let you know about it months ago and I humbly apologize, for Immortal Defense is simultaneously (somehow) the weirdest and the best thought-out tower defense game one could ever hope to encounter. It's an odd, incredibly clever, highly strategic and most engrossing time-sink, that at times evolves into some sort of hypnotic novel.

Oh, and do please keep in mind that, yes, this is indeed a new version of the 2007 Immortal Defense. It now sports better graphics, achievements, leaderboards, translations, and much more, while retaining its existential tendencies.

Immortal Defense by Studio Eres is out now for Windows on Steam.