Treasure hunters rejoice! Charming retro-platformer Bard's Gold has been released on various consoles after being available on Steam for a while. This one is a true blast from the past, reminding me of many happy hours spent playing similar games on the C64 and Amiga home computers. Granted, stuff like optional roguelike elements and character upgrades are clearly concessions to modern game design, but at its core the game perfectly distills retro platforming goodness, one-hit kills, timed levels, and all. Our very own Luca Colosso had some nice things to say about the game last year, and I can only echo these sentiments. The console port is well-done, and I'm sure I'll carry the Bard's Gold Vita version around with me for a while. If you grew up in the home computer era, this little game is a gem you don't want to miss.

Bard's Gold is available for $7.99 directly from the developer and on Steam, as well as Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Xbox One. For more information on the game and developers Pixel Lantern, you can follow them on Twitter or visit the game's website.