Erin lost her arm and partner fighting against the Wildbots before, but with her new bionic arm, she's going to blast their whole operation to bits in under 45 minutes. Well, maybe not on the first try.

Bot Vice is a 2D shooting gallery with a strict time limit. Erin can roll and shoot, as well as melee attack anything that gets too close. She'll have to blast the various cyborg enemies as fast as she can, as the game cuts you off after forty five minutes of total play. You can go back and replay older stages for faster clear times, though, getting those precious seconds back so you can attack later stages.

Showing shades of Wild Guns and Time Crisis, this gem from the developers of Super Star Path has already passed through Steam Greenlight, so it won't be long before the high-speed robot shooting can begin.

For more information on Bot Vice and Dya Games, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on YouTube and Twitter.