Ragtag vehicles leaving dusty wakes across a desert expanse. Mounted weapons and armed passengers firing at rival vehicular gangs, Explosions lighting up the wasteland. No, it isn't a scene from Mad Max Fury Road; it's Kosmonaut Games' low-poly Bounty Road, an RPG that places you in control of an apocalyptic auto gang as they traverse the dangerous sun-scorched wastes.

Bounty Road follows a bounty hunter and his band of loyal road warriors, as they drive across the wastes in pursuit of the Lord of the Desert. Your party of buggies, tanks, motorcycles, and main supply truck must contend with rival gangs, dangerous wildlife, and crazed locals throughout their journey, engaging in real-time combat where positioning and range is crucial to survival. Resources like food and water will keep you alive, but superior tactics and the skills of fellow travelers are the keys to emerging victorious on the desert roads.

A vast arsenal of weapons, parts, and vehicle types opens the door for fast-paced vehicular strategy: agile motorcycles with backwards-facing gunners firing at pursuing foes, ramming enemies with your heavily-armored trucks, sending out support drones to repair damage, unleashing missiles and torpedos.

The isometric auto action looks equally parts explosive and stylish, presented through a vibrant low-poly aesthetic where day turns to headlight-illuminated night, grass sways in the wind, and sand shifts along the desert dunes.

Bounty Road is currently still in early development. You can learn more about the game and Kosmonaut Games on the game's TIGSource devlog and Twitter.