Customization is a big part of massively multiplayer online mech game Antraxx. You can create your own mech with parts you buy and acquire, customizing its weapons and abilities to your play style. You can build your own zones after you've acquired the lands. You can even create your own factions within the game's world, having other players unite under your banner for conquest,

That teamwork will come in handy, as no one mech will last long without friends in the hostile world of Antraxx's live arcade-style combat. Working together with your faction, someone else's, or strangers will make all the difference when facing down multiple enemies. Combat isn't your only route to win, though, as clever players will be able to use diplomacy to turn the tide, gaining wealth, land, power, and mechs with a few careful words.

And you can get in on building mechs and spreading mayhem right now with the Alpha Demo of the game.

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