Dungeon Rushers-1.jpg

Dungeon Rushers is a neat dungeon crawler that plays a bit like a board game with turn-based JRPG fights. It's a pleasant little game with a lovely sense of humor, probably featuring the only dwarven warrior who is actually an accountant. A recent patch introduced Steam Workshop support, and that one really turned out to be a game changer.

Build your own dungeon and fill it with traps and monsters! Cackle with glee as other players fail repeatedly! And, of course, attempt to conquer their creations as well. You see, before the patch the game only had ever so slightly randomized dungeons, but now, everything is possible. You're entirely at the mercy of your fellow players, which makes dungeon delving so much more fun. Beating someone else's creation isn't just satisfying, it also allows you to unlock more stuff for your own dungeons.

It might take you an hour or two of playing the campaign to unlock this custom content, but once you're able to upload your own diabolic creations, you'll be hooked. All of this neatly integrates into the single player portion of the game, as you'll be using one cast of characters for both parts. It really is quite clever, and I'm looking forward to whatever the developers have planned for the rest of Dungeon Rushers' early access duration.

Dungeon Rushers is available for $14.99 on the game's website and Steam. For more information on the game and developer Goblinz Studio, you can follow them on Twitter.