Striking down your virtual enemies with steel or arrows can be satisfying, but mortal weapons often pale in satisfaction and spectacle compared to the power of the mage. Laying waste to armies and undead with flame and ice from your fingertips, summoning meteors from above, bending space and time to your will. Wizard of Legend understands that thrill, focusing its combat around such powerful abilities, as you prove your wizardry skills against both mystical foes and other players. The magical roguelite is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter for an early 2017 release on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Influenced by the fast combos of fighters and brawlers, Wizard of Legend lets you assign "arcanas" to face buttons and shoulder buttons, and combine them in devastating combos. Combat is the main focus of the game as you fight golems, rogues, spectral beings, and other spell-wielding foes that challenge your evasive and offensive prowess.

Those equippable arcanas are where Wizard of Legend shine. In the demo available on the Kickstarter page and itch.io, the player is given a diverse selection of powers, from a stone shield and evasive dash that leaves flames in your wake, to fireballs, ice blasts, projectile-cancelling wind, and a lightning-tinged strike that teleports you between enemies. Other attacks seen in gameplay and GIFs reveal screen-clearing meteor showers, lightning storms, barriers of rock and flame, energy turrets, and a diverse array of other arcanas.

Aside from randomly-generated dungeons to conquer, complete with bosses, ability-enhancing items to find or buy, and deadly traps, players can also face friends in local arena combat, filling with the screen with pixel-art magic as you both wield loadouts of spells and buffs.

You can support Wizard of Legend on Kickstarter. For more details on the game and developer Contingent99, visit the game's site, TIGForum devlog, and on Twitter and Facebook.